Commercial Realty
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Jul 30, 2010


Over the past 15 years Barnett Commercial Realty, Inc., has created and preserved wealth for scores of clients nationwide. 

Even during  these economic convulsions that the nation is undergoing right now NOT ONE of our clients or business partners has lost one penny of their investment funds that they have placed with us. Not many investors can say that. 

We don’t have some great dark secret or magic wand—we just do it right—no shortcuts no fly-by-night deals-no huge risk taking. Just steady incremental growth—remember the tortoise and the hare? That’s us. 

We owe our success in large part to our network of trusted professionals who share our passion for excellence in the Certified Commercial Investment Membership of the Commercial Real Estate Institute. 

These members work in every state and in more that 30 countries worldwide. In the United States the network covers 1,000 markets. Internationally CCIMs make up the world’s largest commercial real estate brokerage network. This means we have the resources to close a deal or provide a referral across town or around the world. 

Networking is a whole lot more than exchanging business cards and a few follow-up phone calls. We have the expertise to build better business relationships and close more deals. 

Some of the best minds in the business are part of the network. Sharing information is a keystone in the day-to-day business of commercial real estate. 

We have some great stories to tell—like one man in California who invested $1.6 million in one of our listings on the east coast six years ago. He gets a nice check every month which gives him some 10.3 per cent return AFTER TAX. And he has never seen the property! 

That is part of the power of doing things right without being flashy. For us “Ponzi” is a dirty word.

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