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Jan 22, 2010

Unless you were in Lower Slobbovia for the past month you can’t have missed the predictions of doom and gloom- “Stock market plunges, recession, credit crunch, the economy is tanking; bull market gone, bear market ahead”
It’s a wonder anyone with a stock portfolio can sleep at night.
I have friends who tell me their portfolios have lost as much as 30 per cent of their value, and they are long-term, canny investors.
What to do?
Well at the risk of sounding Pollyannaish here’s what we have found. The commercial real estate market is still doing well. That’s not to say one shouldn’t be careful and really do due diligence.
One has to pick their spots and analyze the risks. This is what we do on a daily basis and fortunately not one single client has seen the value of their investment shrink or lost money during the 10 years we have been in business. They have all made money. Every single property we have put them into, some as a result of tax deferred exchanges, has increased in value with excellent cash flows. And they have all seen their net worth multiply.
That’s what we set out to do, and it’s our only reason for being in business.
That is also one of the reasons we encourage you to keep an eye on our website. Because, in the very near future we will be bringing several very good properties to market. One will be NNN single tenant $11 million price range, two in the $4 million range and another single tenant net leased property to the federal government in $2.5 million range.
Also, we will be looking for about $15 million to $17 million of good quality single tenant net leased property for one of our clients.
Keep in touch.

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